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Guided Mural Tours via Bicycle or Rickshaw. This tour is loved by university and high school students. We take you through the heart of Pilsen showcasing murals painted from 1976, early 1980’s as well as murals of the summer 2012-2013. Pilsen’s rich cultural history begins with immigrants from the Czech Republic and an influx of Mexican heritage from the w1960’s to today. Pilsen is home to wonderful cafe’s such as the Jumping Bean. Apo Arts center and Hall. Great Restaurants Nuevo Leon, Casa Del Pueblo serving the Pilsen community and guests delicious dishes. Muralists began their story in the height of the Chicano movement in 1976 depicting cultural images of empowerment. Murals were a creative outlet when museums and galleries were discriminatory to mural artists of the era. Mural art has seen a current rise since the summer of 2010 with a majority of the new murals being put up the summer of 2012 via the Alderman solis and urban arts society public art initiative.

Our tours consist of older and modern murals, exciting green spaces of the pilsen community, as well as adventure rides to surrounding neighborhoods. We talk of the rich Pilsen as a long time hub for artist bohemians. We show you works by long term Pilsen residents whom are now considered masters like Hector Duarte and Marcos Raya. We also showcase works by a younger generation of muralist like Chris Silva. Pablo Serrano and Jeff Zimmerman. Thanks to the works of all artists and organizers, and community members that make Pilsen what it is today. Yollocalli arts reach, pro arts studios and the Mexican Fine arts museum make great art programs accessible to elementary and high school students. Bring your cameras, Pilsen gets a new mural almost every week. The public art scenery changes so often it feels as though a new mural is put up every time you blink. Pilsen neighborhood home to Chicago’s most murals per block radius, there is much to see in this vibrant Mexican Heritage neighborhood. Come for the Murals and stay for the fabulous Authenic Mexican restaurants and places for cocktails with friends. Thanks to Lauren Pacheco, the urban arts society, pawn works, and the Alderman’s office for their current work in supporting public art and the importance of funding programs for youth in the arts keeping children engaged in proactive productive studies.


Our mission is to increase commerce and economic development in the Pilsen neighborhood by promoting the arts and culture in the community through promotion of local businesses and foot traffic via bicycle guided tours, rentals, and rickshaw services. Our guiding principles are creating partnerships with local government, schools, non for-profit, organizations and the community neighbors by establishing a green business that will decrease our carbon footprint and increase world-wide appreciation to what Pilsen has to offer. Book your mural tour today! 773.759.1791


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